12 January 2008

Barney meet Nel

Finally i meet someone who look like Barney !! is him is him is him..............

by Real.FXI

10 January 2008

He love coloring but I love green tea ice

i fucking love green tea ice
by Fake.FXI

9 January 2008


This few day i was busy doin my blog ! wahahah..
i wanted thank to someone help created new blog for me !
Thank for u fuckin Bitch !!!!!!!

by Real.FXI


sometime, i think i look handsome.
DON'T LAUGH, I'm serious!
by Fake.FXI

7 January 2008

Kung Fu

I not only know yoga, I know kung fu too! but can not make it.

by Fake.FXI

6 January 2008


Doing yoga at work place.