27 December 2008

Merry xmas card ..

This years xmas i didt get any xmas present ..
but i got a merry xmas card from Moose..
im so suprise still rmb alof of thing about me
when you write " wo yao lian xi hua yu "
hahaaa.. and you drew the MOOSE.. dma nice lo. cos you look like you !!
anyway.. i waiting you to come back .. or maybe i will go there look for you one day
i think you really miss all the food here ..right ? take care daph .. all the best for your new job..

after i got this card from daph ...i didt feel stupid last time what i did and what i really make you happy ..... now you still keep in your heart ... . and i still rmb in my heart too..
but .. someone still don understand what she doin rite now.. keep thinkin whatever she did is right .. till now still can't let go .. you think ppl hurt you .. is tat person wrong ..but i can tell did a same thing oso .. no one can say whos hurt whos more ... if you want to be a self .i will let you be .. i wont do anything what i don like to do .. you know tat ..
take care ..



Shit .. i bought a pair of Nike again ...