17 May 2008

Taufu Fa

Taufu Fa ..remind me 1 year ago ..
cos last time almost all my fren
was call me " Taufu Fai "

Hormon not balance...

Finally our fren " Jeff " show his new hair style
and Hormon not balance .... but i think jeff wan
to be a japanese punk gangster .............
" maybe like this can get more girl ...and Dream Come True "


MY father 1 year " younger " lo...
just wanna thank my dad and happy birthday
and de is MY Mother ..the best women in my life
no any girl pretty that my mom ..hihihi..

16 May 2008


Very nice pair ...very nice ...very nice shoe
i really want keep this very nice shoe ...

Next Target...

I just customer this fixed and new colour come out...
actually very hard to think a colour for a bike
waiting for next mont ..

Fragment x Nike 'Panda Classic'

Hiroshi Fujiwara writes in his recent honeyee post about the tragic 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has devestated areas of China's Sichuan province. Such was the scale of the quake he tells of how he felt tremors all the way in Beijing where he had been visiting recently. In an effort to make a contribution to the global relief effort he has posted a linesheet for a pair of special Fragment x Nike 'Panda Classic' Court Traditions to be auctioned in the near future, similar to an auction Fujiwara spearheaded to assist the reconstruction effort following the Niigata earthquake. Sichuan is home to the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries where 30% of the world's panda population are protected, hence the tie in with Fragment's black and white palette. More news when it comes out.

Source : SlamXHype


Actually i wanted go buy a specs ..
when i borrow from nelson specs
..after i look at myself ..totally not me lo need to buy..


Finally un-ds the scorn tee .. i can't wait to rock it on
but thank for steven lim ..give me a bday gift
Thank ... anyway is very nice tee