11 July 2008


Thank nelson did this for me !

Random pic between us

10 July 2008

Crazy night ...

peng , ryan , me

Tracy ryan tsy

9 July 2008


yESTERDAY we did something for our blog
we need to took some " yang " pic

8 July 2008 and nelson

Today nelson unds his parra 95 .....

look awesome ...

Again .....

This pic took at Juice party .....
u guy must see the 1st park only know

" why this pic so fav " check it out nelson blog u will know it !

6 July 2008

Today KLUE MAG came klfixed gear .. for next issue pls check it out

JUICE 6th anniversary

JUICE 6th anniversary at poppy .. 0.. that night dam many hot gal around

DJ knatz from thai

after juice patry went to the loft
fuckin crazy u guy ...

cRAZY NIGHT ......


I started to like onitsuka tiger ...... cos look high class !!
see this ... look dam handsome wahahhaha...