19 April 2008

Work ....

Now everyday also rockin Vans .. feel boring
i think wanna buy some new Vans to rock .

18 April 2008

Camille Seaman

I so surprise found this news , is about a woman who travel to North Pole take picture of icebergs , she won the international photography awards of 05/06/07 year and its none than Camille Seaman ... can u image if u go there and stay there ...hihihi. i can tell u " u akan sejuk sampai mati "

Losa x Stussy Milan x SlamJam Fixed Gear Bike

SlamJam and Stussy got together with Losa to work on their very own fixed gear bike

This Fixed Gear Bike only display at the Stussy Milan Store.

17 April 2008


Legends are born, not bred - this time is me, I love elvis and i think i can be him. of coz i can laaaa...tiu, U think i can mou?

i love girls too. thats y today i wear a sexy t print. I realized its natural in me since i am a kid, i can be a model. 2day Nel ask me to pose, so this is what happened.... so kan 7 natural.

sexy mou,diu.....

everyone, please leave your compliments here.....muahs.

Beer ....

When u feel happy and unhappy u oso need BEER ...

Winter in Malaysia

Sometime i feeel COLD ...


This shoe remind me something
sometime waste a lot money to buy sneaker
sometime do u think if u keep all the money
maybe yourself will feel safe


Suddenly came out a big news by his biggest work yet in central London cos graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind asecurity fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.

banksy really climb three storeys and painting the words: 'One nation under CCTV.'


This is SCORN new design for the smoking kermit the frog
check it out his blog and give him a VOTE !!

15 April 2008

Obey x Fingercroxx Fixed Gear

It looks like after releasing not too long ago their first fixed gear bike in collaboration with Fuji, they now got together with one of Hong Kongs streetwear brands, Fingercroxx, to work on their second bike again produced by Fuji. No word on the release yet,

hihi.. i gettin my owe soon !

Ryan McGinley's

Kate Moss
This morning i suddenly saw some pic ..
then i ask my fren wat the story of this few pic
he said " inside got 6 ppl ..them like to naked and play around walk around "
This pic took by Ryan McGinley's , Ryan McGinley's much talked
about exhibition entitled "I Know Where the Summer Goes"
u guy better take a look at the images below .. damm crazy

14 April 2008


Today just bought this futsal shoe ..
actually i wanna to get a pair of futsal shoe
very long time oledi .. i guess almost 1 year
last time always scored by my fren ..
my fren said " don always curi ur bro shoe to play futsal "