3 May 2008

Blaze of Glory

In the 12th issue of Sneaker Freaker magazine,
a preview of the Sneaker Freaker x Puma "Blaze of Glory" II
was shown.. u guy can c black colour Sneakerfreaker x puma
my self dam racun ..

1 May 2008

Random pic

Someone bring his EOS 400 canon DSLR ..
So we play around the camera..

29 April 2008

2nd Night Meetup

Last night we meetup again at THE GARDEN ..
1st time we only got 4 ppl ..

but last night my Tai kor , David ,..
Blink , Martin
joined us to fixed ,..
but edwin very unlucky when him on the way
out the parking
some accident ,
i guess him feel " potong stim " ..
we meetup on this sunday again .

Supreme x Nbhd

Finally got it ... Supreme x Nbhd Ckukka

28 April 2008

First Meetup

This is my bike " FXI BIKE "

First time we meetup and ride together ..we ride around the garden

27 April 2008

Fixed Gear

Finally i got my fixed gear bike yesterday,
but not 100% done yet stilll got many think to change
after at night i straight go ride 3 hous around happy garden
is dam san fun and the bike is no break and only one gear
maybe u guy should try to ride !