31 May 2008

Quarantine TRAILER 2008

After that movie ( Cloverfield )

30 May 2008

Nike Be True Chronicles

Awesome......... Nike collad wit AKA crew came out
seven colour dunk low
u guy can check this nike be true website to know the story


Yesterday went to Lapsap ..
long time never go Lapsap have fun wit my friend
before party my icon got a brilliant idea ..
wear "terrorist masks" .
i can say ..i never party till like that crazy in my life
but is fun .. next time maybe we got a new idea again

29 May 2008

Mamak .....

Last last week my fren came to look
for me pass me something ..
after tat we went to mamak yumcha
only my fren saw a ppl drinking
beer in the mamak this mamak
i almost went there around 3 years .
i didt know there sellin beer
we just order beer to drink . ..

27 May 2008


I am STILL thinking wat colour paint on my bike ...
help me ???

Iron Man's Adventures, all three parts merged into one!

First time i saw this video ..something specier feelin .. myself not really in to
this stuff ..

26 May 2008

About Supreme ...

This is talkin about two shoe.. supreme pro sb Black and white..
i agree wit de guy say about supreme sb .. u can check it out

Silent ride ......

Ground Pic .. only me look so white

My bike got some problem ..
but lucky 12something still got bike shop open

25 May 2008

Nike Hyperdunk - Kobe x Jackass

JACKASS crazy like hell...