21 May 2010

Number (N)ine x Converse


This year i had a good memory my Bday in my life , everyone with me .. special thanks for my dad , mum and my family and All friend , many ....

after party i was freking drunk .... tat meaning is i was fucking happy ..

Thanks everyone .. make me had a wonderful night

Special gift from Heave

i heart you baby


Thanks BOSS !!!

Gift everyone

Thanks my gal

Thanks Nel and his Wife

Thanks Vic and Michelle

Thanks Vincent and wind

Thanks Nix Lim , Gary , tommy

Thanks everyone

19 May 2010

Double Plated

Always been a fan of the classic double plated fork crown as featured on Yoshida`s Kinfolk here.

18 May 2010

17 May 2010

LordTown x MatchWood

Are you serious ....