7 June 2008


My new pickup and wear it went jalan-jalan wit my gf

Few day ago ....

" wHAT are you rocking "
but i bored everyday wear the same thing .
so today i just wear a sun glasses..more cool
is time to buy new stuff ..hihi

5 June 2008

oFFday ....

Offday i wit my gf and my mom went to pavilion try that " FISH SPA "

this is 1st time to try the fish spa ..
cos i saw all the fish so fuckin big ...
last time i tot all should be small small

After the fish spa ..all feel hungry d .

Sedap ..

after went out wit my family ..
someone called me to9 drink "sake" mou

jeff love sake
cos him order 325ml seka for himself
don't share wit us ...
hihihi.. after tat ???

after effect of sake
but when we finish the whole sake
almost all ko !
long time never high like this wit my fren ..