3 July 2008

CHAPTER ONE 〜Fixed gear bike First Step〜TEASER

This video by T-19 , show all the skill

30 June 2008

LAPsap ......

~~~~~~~~~~LAPSAP LAPSAP LAPSAP~~~~~~~~~~
last mint plan to go lapsap
de night dam syiok and meet many fren there
i wanted thank for nel bought me a jug long long island tea
after tat i really DRUNK long long !!

more pic in streething
" Tired only la "
i keep tellin jeff im still ook , still can drink still can jalan
but when we went in the car i totally can;t drink !!!

29 June 2008

Doin some BIG thing

Actually i not really feel this pic is nice
cos look so GAY to me !!


i like this tee !!!