25 March 2009

We will be conducting a special project in April 2009. This campaign simply requires you to bring in any canned products and it can be instantly redeemed for a 20% discount off anything in-store. The canned food products will then be donated to those that need our assistance.

I'm sure all of you have a charitable heart and we look forward to collect as many canned food products as possible. HELP US HELP THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED.

Campaign duration:
4th April till 12th April 2009

Each canned food product is entitled to 20% off any one item in-store. Products that are already on discount will entitle you to a further 20% reduction. (it's that simple)

Terms & conditions:
1) HALAL product only, please.
2) No expired canned products.
3) 1 for 1 deal.

See all you guys during our campaign soon.

Thank you.

all night long

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WAH .... Here you have the first exclusive look at the Vans Vault Era Wing Tips

this will killing you guys with the exclusive looks for the past month  


when i saw this i laugh like hell..

anyone can tell me what  Terry  Richardson  don dare to do