9 January 2009


What i did on 2008.. ? what i think is every year time go so fast for me ..
when was young i keep think faster faster old can do alof of thing ..
but nowi just don't go so fast ..

What i had bad or good in 2008 . . 1st i was with a girl and she was beside me
all the time when i got bad thing or good thing ..
no one know tat we broke up
every my fren said why why ? they tot our is a very happy couple,
very lovely
Yes ! we is ..myself oso dono why we broke up .
no one know what happen next
day . and im fine now . maybe i want say thank to her ..
lucky i have my fren , family
and what nel said ( I have a bunch of brilliant colleagues ) hihihihi..
they really make my life better and more better .. i want to thank you guy !
now 2009 .
i was tellin my fren 2009 i want quit smoking ,
quit drinking , stop goin work late,
stay more at home wit family and stop went out late !
erm.. i must make it .. try my best la
im waiting CNY coming ..

8 January 2009


For CNY shoe ...

6 January 2009