24 May 2008

My life

When i need someone be there
When i feel hungry ... you be there
When i feel sad ... you be there
When i need you ... you always be there

Thannk for you give me everything and Love you

22 May 2008


when i looking this Fixed Gear ..can't believe

Bday PIc

I just got this all pic from julian ... i really thank for him
i really love all this pic ... and thank for gingerfish and julian comin !


They are enjoying the dinner... but they wanna eat all ..don't let me eat ..
Yesterday went to Rakuzen celebrate wit steven and denise ..
1st time i went there to eat jp food
actually not bad the place and the food oso
don worry .. i will go back eat sooon

21 May 2008

Thank ...

Thank you everyone that attend my birthday &
giving me this unforgetable memories ...

21Bday.... partTwo

No one really look at the camera

There it goes... A perfect one..!! Gosshhh.. At last..

My fAmily
Ops... i took pic wit Kepong Icon Fixy Club

Thanks nelson ..cos he sings bday song for me infront of everyone wahahahah

but hope he'll sing it once more..

Secondly,..Steven Chow, 'Lim'..

21Bday.... partone

Thank juljul took this pic for me ..cos look like " Fantastic "