19 July 2008


AFFA finally done
nice colour

TAg that assss.........

Top ass..
don look at my face like tat ..actually im not drunk
fuckin sick........
someone got 2 ass
burger ass .. i just can say NICE ASS

How come the line so long ... hihi

This all the pic took in yesterday night ..
after the OT night we went to the loft

this all the pic make me feel damm gay ..
......and .... GAY

more gay pic at streething

15 July 2008


Finally got a owe Track Frame

THank edwin !

Project for Canon SELPHY

Im doin a project for canon selphy ... i will post it up when i done !

>>> doing doing doing <<<

you guy if want know more about CANON SELPHY
CHECK IT OUT streething

Vans x Johnny Ramone’s

I told someone i will stop buying shoe But i can't really stop !

14 July 2008

LaPsAp + ShiTdisco

ShitTdISCO Lap sap
Steven lim and Nelson

affa idea : jeff fcuk me fcuk affa